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The Exceptional Kids Client Portal is a convenient way for existing clients to quickly view upcoming appointments, access previous invoices and cancel appointments online.  If you haven't previously accessed the Exceptional Kids Client Portal, please follow the instructions for first time users below.

Please note that you cannot book appointments through the client portal.  All appointments need to be made by contacting Exceptional Kids directly.

First time users

Only existing clients can access the Exceptional Kids Client Portal.  You must have received your first appointment confirmation to be able to setup and access your account in the Client Portal.

To begin, go to the Exception Kids Client Portal and click the "Login" button located at the top right corner of the web page.  This will display a pop up dialog box requesting your login details.

For first time users, please click the "Click here to reset your password" link (see below). 


After clicking the link to reset your password, a pop up dialog box will be displayed allowing you to create or reset your login details. There are 2 different scenarios when logging into the Client Portal.

  1. Parents, carers and guardians can be set up with the ability to view the details of the child client in the Client Portal and can log in with their own details. For child clients, the primary contact on the intake form will be set up with this access.

  2. Clients can log in to the Client Portal using their own details

If you are the primary parent, carer or guardian of a child client, you will need to enter the details of the primary contact as entered on the Exceptional Kids intake form you would have previously completed.

If you are the client, you will need to enter your details as entered on the Exceptional Kids intake form you would have previously completed.

In the displayed pop up dialog box, please enter at least your First name, Last name, Email and the Password (and Confirm password) you would like to set (see below).  Please ensure these details are the same as the details (client or primary contact details) you entered on the intake form. Once entered, click the "GET VERIFICATION CODE" button.


Please note that if you receive an error saying "Can't find user, please try to register first", either your details don't match the details you submitted in the intake form or your details haven't been set up correctly in the Client Portal.  Please try entering your details again but if the issue remains, you can contact Exceptional Kids who can help you.

If your details are matched correctly to the details on file, you receive an email with a verification code.  Please enter this code into the pop up dialog box in the verification code text field that will appear.  This will verify you email account and log you into the Exceptional Kids Client Portal.

For all future visits to the Client Portal, please use the email address and password used through this set up process.

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