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Research & Reality Podcast

Research and Reality is a podcast dreamt up by two paediatric occupational therapists who are passionate about evidence based practice. Sarah Cavallaro and Mim Rodda met over ten years ago when they worked together for a non-government disability therapy provider. Since then they have gone their separate ways – Sarah into private practice and Mim into rural Queensland – but they have reunited to bring you the latest research into paediatric OT practice.


Sarah and Mim know that reading, critiquing and applying research can be both time consuming and daunting for clinicians. Their podcast – Research and Reality – will make access, analysis and application of evidence based practice easily available. Every fortnight, they will choose, critique and apply a research article and let you know how you can put it into your own practice.


If you would like to be a podcast guest or would like to share some feedback, please contact us on

Please listen in now and stay tuned for more exciting professional development opportunities hosted by Research and Reality.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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