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Exceptional Kids has a range of services that help paediatric occupational therapists thrive in their role and produce exceptional results for their clients. 

Early career therapists

For early career therapists (in the first 10 years of practice) or those transitioning to paediatrics, we have an online learning community with fortnightly group supervision in Queensland school term time. This consists of circles of practice that contain answers to member questions, documents to use in your clinic immediately and thoughtful discussions on certain topics. These topics include:

  • behaviour and regulation

  • neurodiversity affirming practice

  • goal setting and goal achievement

  • sensory processing

  • pathological demand avoidance 

  • therapy activities

For only $99 a month, you get this online learning community, access to fortnightly group supervision with Sarah Cavallaro and a discounted rate for 1:1 supervision if you want to extend your learning further. Join here!

Experienced therapists 

If you are a more experienced therapist and want to connect with like-minded peers and "chew the OT fat", we offer peer group supervision eight times a year. For only $55 you can be part of a small online group where we discuss relevant topics in depth. The dates and topics for 2024 are as follows: 

31/1/2024, 7pm - Unpacking the neurobiology of behaviour and regulation

15/3/2024, 12pm - Extreme sensory sensitivity

1/5/2024, 7pm - Anxiety in otherwise neurotypical kids: what is the OT role?

7/6/2024, 12pm - Unpacking praxis: ideational and ideomotor

17/7/2024, 7pm - School readiness

30/8/2024, 12pm - Engagement strategies for PDA kids in OT

9/10/2024, 7pm - Gestalt language processing for OTs

22/11/2024, 12pm - Incorporating special interests for child-led, low-demand therapy sessions

Email to book in. You are welcome to attend any or all sessions! 

All therapists 

In July this year, Exceptional Kids will be hosting an intimate professional development event where we will deep dive into behaviour and regulation for occupational therapists supporting children.

The outline for the course will be:

Day 1

Set learning goals and intentions.

Framework for assessment and intervention of behaviour and regulation. We will then deep dive into this framework examining:

  • Physical components such as praxis

  • Emotions and anxiety

  • Sensory processing

  • Executive functions

  • Attachment and relational safety

  • Environmental demands

  • Underlying neurobiology and neuroanatomy related to regulation

Day 2

Continue with deep dive from yesterday.

Parent coaching framework for behaviour and regulation difficulties in the home environment.

Pathological demand avoidance:

  • What is it?

  • What is the OT role?

  • A framework for intervention based on relational safety and low demands.

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